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How to lessen marital strife



Find your motivation for whatever it is in your marriage that is bothering you first. You can pinpoint the exact source of your annoyance by doing this. For instance, if you had a poor day at work but vented your aggravation on your husband for not doing the dishes, it’s likely that your bad day at work was the major cause of your annoyance rather than the fact that your husband neglected to do the dishes.

You may move forward with more successfully resolving whatever it is that is troubling you if you can precisely pinpoint what it is that is frustrating you. If you are frustrating from your wife, you will feel that i hate my wife.

It could be time to take action if you realize that you are truly frustrated with your relationship. It’s crucial to express your annoyance by “acting” in the least objectionable way possible. Consider instances where you successfully approached your partner about a disagreement.

Save your confrontation until the morning if you find that it is more successful to confront your partner when he or she is fresh and awake rather than when it is late at night after a long day of work. In general, fighting is acceptable at certain times and places in successful marriages, although finding those times can require some experience. Give it some serious thought and try to continue with what has previously worked.

Follow a few game rules after determining the optimal timing. One, there should be zero tolerance for hitting or calling people names. You don’t have the right to treat your partner disrespectfully just because you’re upset about something they did.

Therefore, work on managing your anger so that your partner may follow your lead and manage their wrath toward you. In addition, once these lines are crossed, most people are so overwhelmed by the frustration brought on by the abuse that they often lose track of the original source of their anger.

Making “I statements”—comments that start with “I” rather than “you”—is another tactic that can help to lessen marital conflict. These statements are helpful because they put the focus on you, the person starting the argument.

This lessens the possibility that the other person may feel attacked. As an illustration, consider the difference between saying, “You never call when you are coming home late from work and that pisses me off!” and, “I feel disrespected when you come home late from work.” While you might be thinking the latter, I can assure you that the former statement will most likely get you the results that you want.

Finally, keep in mind that the goal is overall happiness, not “winning” the conflict. A word of advice: partnerships are not defined by how two people act when things are going well, but by the way that two people respond when things are not going so well. If you think i hate my wife you relation can end with separation.

Sometimes married couples get so obsessed on being “correct” that they forget to be “kind.” Therefore, losing control of your wrath will put a great deal of stress on your marriage. After all, if your partner is in pain, you cannot possibly win. No “I” exists in a team.


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